Watermelon is my favorite gum flavor. My circumstances make me feel empowered. PATUXENTWHATDON'T STOPGETITGETIT I like Swiss tournaments better than Swiss cheese. I think stuffing suitcases is a beautiful art form. I am not ridin' dirty. I think Jonathon Coulton is a sophisticated mans Tenacious D. Orange Islands was a filler arc. Soccer balls are better than frisbees. Exo Squad was a great cartoon. My sister is a great conversationalist. I scream like a girl if you pull my leg hairs.

Archive for July, 2009

What’s This? Project Five?

A long time ago, I told you about something called Project Five. Due to circumstances under someone else’s control, it was cancelled. However, it has been open up again. So, here’s a little peek at Project Five before it is released to the public.

Good Linux Video Games

I am proficient in Mac and Windows, but I also use Linux. I like it a lot, especially because of its open-source. One of the jokes about Linux, however, is no one plays video games while using it. Just for fun I did a search for “good linux video games”. Check it out:

Change In Appearance #2

There may be a change in this site’s appearance. The site may go down for a few minutes, but this is unlikely. Pardon me while I work out the bugs.