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Archive for October, 2009

New Job and Website Layout

I haven’t done anything to the website in a while (I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been, but too long for me to bear). While I’ve been away, I’ve been doing some job searching and settling into my new job. I now have a full-time job working for a great company as a web designer.

Monday is Columbus day, and I’ve got a three-day weekend, so I decided to devote this weekend to working on the website’s new layout. There are some visibility issues with IE6 and early variants of IE8, and this is unacceptable. I recently have changed my opinion on how I want to implement the website’s layout, so I’m going to work on that over the weekend.

I have some new artworks I have been waiting to publish. I’ll get those up after I alter the website’s layout.

Random Quote

Death. The eternal blink. The capricious dance of Now Ya Stop Movin’ Forever. Well contrary to popular belief, death isn’t just for dead people. It can happen to anyone. I know, it’s news to me too. And it’s not just people either, it’s all kinds of stuff. Horses, fiddler crabs. Did you know that even a potato… can die? — The Tick