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Archive for October, 2010

The Revolutionary New Software: Microsoft Paint Appears!

Video for MS Paint

Wait till you see the spraypaint!

The amazing power of Microsoft Paint, you cannot resist:
Microsoft Paint Video

(disclaimer: this video is parody)

DUCM Header

Another thing I worked on at Give Camp (which, by the way, is coming back again this March).

I made enhancements to the header graphic for a Children’s Museum, including color changes and repositioning objects. The customer told me what they wanted, and this was the final product:

New Line of Supplements

Put down that Gatorade! “Energy Now” and other supplements will be released soon by my friends over at Lea Massage Therapy. I was in charge of creating labels for these products. On this page, you can see the labels and a prototype.

What? 33 Percent?

I was watching CNN on a fancy big screen TV, while having my car maintenanced today. They did a quick segment on a new medical study. The study said that by 2050, 1 out of 3 adults in the US will have diabetes. Shocking!

Watch your weight; I know I’ll be watching mine.

Upcoming Change In Site Design 1/31/11

I am planning another change to the site’s design.
The current design, though simple, has quite a bit of intentionality in it. I spent some time polishing the details.

Recently I have felt that the current layout is inadequate, visually. In addition, the way the site was coded has created a few bottlenecks in process of publishing new content.

I have a new layout ready to go and will publish it on January 31st.

Here’s a preview:


I added an image to my Portfolio.
This is an image I made during SoMD GiveCamp 2010. It was used in the header for a site for the Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Special Education for St. Mary’s County, MD.