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Archive for November, 2010

What Is Spacer.GIF?

Ever worked on a website, content managment system, or web application that someone else built, and came across some code that, though it may have seemed appropriate for the original writer at the time, you can’t help but think: That’s so weird! Well, I recently came across a spacer.gif while testing out a content management system made by a very reputable organization, and I couldn’t help but seek out articles on the infamous spacer.gif. Here’s one of the fun commentaries I came across:

It’s amazing what decentralized control of the internet has produced. Weired stuff like spacer.gif, sure, but usually, the internet is a wonderful place that gets better and better every day.

Dasbach’s Throwbacks

A flag I designed as a personal favor. Made exclusively in vectors. Take a look!

Six Prizes Promo

This was an image I submitted for a logo contest for SixPrizes.com. It was made as a vector graphic  with two colors for use on T-shirts.

We Are Not Born Small

A commentary on the inherent worth and dignitiy of a human life. Nice if you’re looking for something to cheer you up or even if you’re not.