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Nick’s Low-Carb Adventure

Eggs and bacon. Toast is a no-no!So, any reduced-carbohydrate diet people here? I took on this diet, and it is really fun (though difficult at times). Figuring out what kinds of foods are good. I have discovered turkey bacon is good, and chopped broccoli = rice! What kind of foods did you discover you liked when you tried a reduced-carbohydrate diet?

Happy 10th Birthday, Internet Explorer 6!

10 years ago, the most troublesome browser in history was released to the public. Happy 10th Birthday!
internet explorer 6 usage.
How widely used is it? Wikipedia article.

The Non-Academian Libertarian Art History Lesson

Once heard this proposed slogan for The US Libertarian Party: The Libertarian Party... Our Logo- a Government-Owned Statue!

Established Logo?

A friend of mine alerted me to a logo design contest for a website called libertarianism.org. Can’t say I’ve ever been there, but the contest grabbed my attention so I checked it out.

One of the rules is, “We do not want anything that ties the mark to a specific country. So no American flags or eagles, no Statue of Liberty, etc. And, please, no torches.” If you can’t help but chuckle a little because that rule makes sense, then you too, understand the awesome power of imagery and visual vocabulary; The deepness of the associations created with imagery by humans is amazing. Taking art history classes in college really drilled this fact into me.

It’s nice to be reminded every once in a while of how difficult it to divorce certain things from certain sets of imagery. For me, the ability to do such a thing is very nice to have. I am reminded every once in a while how inseparable certain things are from a certain visual vocabulary and how intense the associations can be in the thoughts of other people, how deeply indoctrinated people are, to see certain images in their thoughts when they think of a certain concept.

Lemonade Freedom Day Follow-Up

Activists make police uncomfortable, by selling lemonade in front of Capitol HillFollow-Up on the previous post. After being released from the government’s cages, activist Meg McLain has provided a nice write-up for the activism that occurred in DC on Saturday. That was pretty fast!

Lemonade Freedom Day

Today is Lemonade Freedom Day, and it look like some of the activists in DC have been arrested. I hate to see peaceful people being kidnapped.

Some other activists have started a fund to pay their bail.

Cool Nature Photos

A friend of mine put up a gallery of some cool Nature photos:
Peter Miles Photography

Nature Photo.
Real bright dude. Take a look!

First Web Page 20th Anniversary

the first web page.20 years ago this day, the first web page appeared.


It’s amazing to see, 20 years after the fact, how much what we know of the world wide web: the first browser, the first markup language (HTML), and the first web page- were all in the hands of one person.

Random Quote

The regular use of the word “we” by journalists in referring to their government’s actions implies nationalistic complicity with those policies. — Propaganda to the Source: Tools for Analyzing Media Bias