2013 SoMD GiveCamp Day Three

Two of the projects I contributed to:

There were lots of great things done this weekend. Mostly just websites and one mobile app. One of the volunteers was assigned to a nonprofit whose representative did not show up and walked around asking if anyone wanted a mobile app. It was kind of funny because the same thing happened last year as well. And the mobile app turned out pretty well. One organization had a website that was built in 2002. The website got ported into a new system and the news posts dating back to 2002 were archived on the new site. Gotta love modern technology!

An unreadable clock
This was in the room I was working in.

Just like previous years, nice to see a bunch of IT professionals sitting close together in a room and cutting up, having a good time, and telling a bunch of NSFW jokes!

Funny sign.
Funny store sign near the college. Looks like they're pandering.

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