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Hampton Roads Business Journal Bitcoin Article

I was quoted in a news article a few weeks ago.
Getting Bitcoin some attention in the local newspaper.

A Virginia Beach Bitcoin firm is venturing into the Wild West of money

Bitcoin Article

I’m a little put-off by the fact that some people seem ONLY to be interested in talking about Bitcoin as an investment opportunity.

I think that:

  • Folks in draconian countries that must spend money anonymously to receive services their country intends to track or block (like wordpress.com)
  • A poor immigrant who is sending remittance payment to his family in Kenya, where paypal transactions are blocked and Western Union wants to charge obscenely high fees to send money
  • People in the third world with entrepreneurial spirit that want startup investments or IPO to fund their new business from multiple sources, and don’t have the resources to comply with the old way of setting up investments

Will appreciate Bitcoin- just as much as a bunch of rich white guys in the 1st world bragging about their yearly investments going up 10 percent instead of 9 percent.