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Archive for March, 2015

News Article Application

I got an idea for a new application. It is designed for people who listen to talk radio on their computer or smartphone.

It uses voice recognition on the audio your computer is playing, in order to identify words that are being said.
The application has a database of keywords. When the application detects that one of the keywords has been said, it searches the web for news articles relating to that keyword, and displays previews of those articles to the user.

So, for example, you’re listening to you favorite podcast, and the host says, “helicopter”.
The application acknowledges that a word in the database was said (“helicopter”).
The application searches an archive for articles relating to the word, “helicopter”, and displays headlines or previews of those articles on your screen, with the option for your to click on them, and view the entire article.

Possible additional features:
1. The archive of articles that the app chooses can be the entire world wide web, or articles from a list of websites specifically chosen by the user.
2. The database of keywords that activates the software is customizable and automatically suggests new keywords to the user, based on words other users have added to their own database.
3. To understand currency (relevance), the application pulls articles that are from around the time period the podcast file was published. The date could be established by the “date created” on the .mp3 file or by pulling RSS data.

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