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NAVAIR Website

The public website for the Naval Air Systems CommandI was asked to do graphic design work for the Naval Air Systems Command website. I’ve been working on this project with a team of two developers and one publicity specialist since October. After tons of squandering, negotiating terms with various elements of the navy, and waiting on red tape, the website is now public. This is the first redesign of the NAVAIR site since 2003.

One of the major flaws in the design is that we were not able to use any alpha transparency at all due to deficiencies in the navy’s web browsers (Perhaps one could say that this is a show of our ability to get around this obstacle- it was a challenge!). Otherwise, I think we’ve got a pretty nice site, visually. Congrats to the developers who worked hard on this- there is so much code working here that you can’t see.

Thanks for watching!

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