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Anime Music Mash-Ups

Anime music is great. I’ve been surfing around the internets, getting my hands on whatever I can since around 2002. I really gotta say, I really appreciate all the advancements in internet and computer technology that have occured in the past few years. Faster, cheaper download/uploading, new systems for making web pages, new file sharing methods, and new programs for audio/video and new algorithms for audio/video compression. These advancements in some way, have proven beneficial to people in search of not-mainstream music.

Also, massive, user-centered, individualized, free hosting for video has been pretty nice too. This has led to quite a few people coming up with quite a few things to post on the internet. People have an idea, and they implement it, because they know they have a way to get people to see it (low barriers to publication). As evidence of this, the amount of anime music videos has gone up considerably, ever since sites like YouTube came into existence.

I came across a video of music from Naruto Shippuden, mashed up with images from Pokemon. I thought it was incredibly funny, and was somewhat impressed by the idea that someone would like a TV show that much. Here it is:

Naruto Shippuden-Pokemon Mashup- For the context, check out the 2nd Opening Theme from Naruto Shippuden.

I also found some others, which I would like to share. I’m not sure if there are enough of such videos to call it a fad. I guess so. There may already be a a name for this kind of thing that I am unaware of, so I just decided to call them mashups.

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