Bitcoin Pushes Forward a Phenomena That Will Change the World

Not a recently-published article, but I just came across it and it was the most fun article on Bitcoin I’ve ever read.
Why I’m Putting All My Savings Into Bitcoin
I do not put all *my* eggs in a basket, so on that point I disagree with the author. The primary point of this article, IMO is, when he talks about a transaction in which he says:

  • Nobody logged on to a bank of any kind.
  • No bank page for complicated foreign transactions was loaded into any browser.
  • No expensive foreign transfer fees were applied. In fact, no transfer fees were applied at all.
  • No banks were holding on to the money for a couple of days. My friend had the money instantly.
  • No bank holidays were relevant. I did this on a Sunday.
  • No governmental economic blacklist was consulted. He could be a criminal under New Zealand law for all I care, but what matters to me is that he is my friend.
  • Nobody got the chance to seize the money before my friend in New Zealand got it. Or afterwards.
  • An alternative to a bank transfer would have been to use Visa or MasterCard. They did not get a cut, either.
  • No tax authority saw the transaction or the money.

A wave of agorism is coming to the world. Bitcoin will be one of the vehicles pushing it forward.

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