Bitcoin Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

As a person commenting on this while assisting with this effort said, “This story is what Bitcoin is about. Anywhere in the world, we can send money instantly!

Participating in charity is going to be a big public relations strategy for Bitcoin enthusiasts; I say this not only because charity is a commonly used PR tactic, but because Bitcoin is a funding mechanism. We get to rub it in everyone’s face! What are we rubbing in their face? We need to ability to show them a hungry child, a stray dog, a homeless shelter, etc. and and tell them, “Charity is done with Bitcoin. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down this child’s dinner tonight. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down the home this stray dog was going to receive instead of euthanasia. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down funding for this homeless shelter.”

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