Bitcoin Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

As a person commenting on this while assisting with this effort said, “This story is what Bitcoin is about. Anywhere in the world, we can send money instantly!

Participating in charity is going to be a big public relations strategy for Bitcoin enthusiasts; I say this not only because charity is a commonly used PR tactic, but because Bitcoin is a funding mechanism. We get to rub it in everyone’s face! What are we rubbing in their face? We need to ability to show them a hungry child, a stray dog, a homeless shelter, etc. and and tell them, “Charity is done with Bitcoin. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down this child’s dinner tonight. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down the home this stray dog was going to receive instead of euthanasia. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down funding for this homeless shelter.”

Flaming Freedom on Twitter

This is my favorite LGBT podcast. They are on Twitter and they are in need of some fans! Hit that follow button!

Found A Lower Price; Beat It

Got a sale going on at Pokebit.

One of the items on sale is a Suicune Entei Legend full set from Unleashed. I claim the lowest prices on the internet.
Pokebit, the first Pokemon merchandise store that sells for Bitcoin
Well guess what! I found a lower price today. What do you think I did? I BEAT IT! This item is currently selling for 9.19 dollars worth of Bitcoin, the lowest price available.

Pokebit Success

As a result of my creating Pokebit, I have gotten people to research alternative currency. Which means I have already achieved success.
But, there is more to do, so I am only getting started.

Time to get into more advertising!

Soundboard Project

A long time ago (2008) I started building a “celebrity soundboard” based on a nationally-syndicated radio show, FreeTalkLive. I put this project down a long time ago, then picked it back up, simply for the sake of finishing it. It is built in HTML as a result of personal preference.

Click here to go to the soundboard page
There are two. This is the first. I should be posting the second one next week.

Change At Pokebit

We made a little change at Pokebit a few days ago.

We only accept Bitcoin for payment. However, all prices are now listed in terms of US dollars, for you to use as a reference. At Pokebit, we claim the lowest prices of all cards available on the internet, and challenge YOU to verify; If you find a lower price, we’ll beat it! And we’ll sell it for Bitcoin.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: What This Is All About

This card is- 1. Not as epic as an actual Pokemon. 2. Surprisingly, not a real Pokemon. 3. Not made by me.
You’ve been seeing these daily posts since February that have no context. Nothing but made-up Pokémon cards. I could tell you there is rhyme or reason, but I will not. This is nothing more than an archive of content I originally wrote down on paper, and is being converted to digital format, one-by-one, day-by-day. The ideas for all these fakes just came to me, and there is an almost irresistible desire to write it down. Even when I’m not home and therefore cannot type it into my computer.

Supporting Businesses That Promote Peace

I know it is impossible to always live a 100% principled life all the time. That being said, people should put their money where their mouth is. Donate to NGOs/charities/nonprofits that you think are making the world a better place. And do business with organizations and individuals the best reflect, practice, or promote the means by which you think the world can be a better place.

I purchased some items from These products are made by an individual whose desire to see a more moral, compassionate, sustainable world, through the promotion of non-aggression is similar to mine. On his website, he is promoting other similar businesses. Those who oppose violence, should have each other’s backs. 🙂

Black and Gold handshake.
This heart with a black and gold handshake is about mutual cooperation; getting things done without explicit or implicit threats of violence.
I really just like this one because I like the image. It's 'Bitcoins, Not Bombs'. It is *Bitcoins* that can change the world for the better, not killing machines.
This is just an affirmation of one's commitment to the promotion of new and alternative currencies.
Represents people engaging in countereconomics- economic activity outside of the economy endorsed by the ruling class. This is part of establishing a more ethical world. One should not condone the initiation of violence, even implicit threats of violence carried out by people called 'the state'.

Recent Car Purchase (Twist Ending)

As some of you know, I have decided to ditch my old Honda Accord for a NEW 2013 Honda.

When I went to the dealership to buy a new vehicle, I was presented with lots of information.

No sharing for you!Not only should you use Honda products in conjunction with it, but the car will shut down if I use any motor oil or brake fluid other than Honda motor oil or brake fluid. Windshield washer fluid from another manufacturer is acceptable under certain circumstances, and as long as the other company has filed papers with Honda and been granted special status. I can buy cheaper coolant from other manufacturers, as long as I pay Honda a fee.

A Honda Accord.If I get maintenance from any facility other than a Honda facility, any future repairs on the vehicle will become inconsequential. If I ever decide to whip out my toolbox and perform ANY repairs by myself, I get a warning and one penalty point against my account. A total of three points, of course, permanently deactivates the transmission, engine, and ignition system.

Every three weeks or so, Honda agents come to my home without my knowledge or permission, and give my car a new paint color. If I ask them to leave or otherwise interrupt them, they set my car on bricks and take away my tires, until I let them finish.

When I confronted the sales rep with the fact that some of this information is disheartening to Honda customers and asked if there is any resolution to this, or if there is hope for change to this, the response is that I should just keep my pre-2013 Honda or acquire a pre-2013 Honda on the used market.

…Then I looked up at the wall and noticed that I was not at a Honda dealership, but I was actually ordering the Xbox One.

New Pokémon Card Store Launched


A Hampton Roads-based Pokémon enthusiast has announced the creation of a service that allows the multitude of Pokémon Trading Game fans throughout the World to purchase specific products with Bitcoin. Pokebit is a website in which Pokémon cards are sold and its creator boasts some of the lowest prices on Pokémon single cards; But the catch is, Pokebit only accepts Bitcoin.

Nick Kirkpatrick, the creator of Pokebit, claims this as part of a plan to bring selling and purchasing power directly into the hands of the individual, by promoting the prevalence of Bitcoin, a new currency that his been in place for a little over 4 years. “Bitcoin users”, Kirkpatrick asserts, “Are not subject to a supreme entity, no bank, no state, no ‘mega-corporation’. Bitcoin can be sent to virtually anyone, anywhere, with little to no transaction fees, and no one can freeze your account- the individual is in control”.

Pokebit can be found at

New Pokémon Trading Card Game Store

So, I hesitated to post this earlier, but I am happy to let you all know that I am working on a new online store for Pokémon merchandise. This is not an ebay store, this is an entire website. All the pieces are in place; I am just waiting for the latest shipment of boosters boxes to come in before I hit the “GO” button. I will be officially launching the thing next Thursday. Stay tuned.