Going Down the Right Path?

Have you ever had the feeling you should be doing something else with your life?
I heard something that really touched my heart yesterday.
I was watching The Big Idea on MSNBC last night. There was a segment about success in life. The anchor interviewed a person who was going down a path that did not bring happiness in his life. He decided to pursue a conventional job in an open field with easy, steady income, just as he thought he was “supposed” to do. Along the way, he discovered that he was unhappy and started having thoughts about his favorite thing to do.
He said something like, “I realized that this was my passion. This is what I’ve always wanted to do.” He knew it would be risky to change careers, but, “I’m going to start doing it and the money will have to follow.”
His decision paid off.

He went to law school to get a safe job with easy money then became a corporate lawyer. But he enjoyed building artworks with legos. He knew very well it would be unusual to start his own business and profit from building with lego bricks, but he didn’t let that get in the way. He started enjoying his job and is very happy with where he is in life now.

I’m happy that I chose to do things I like and not let the lure of a career in a secure field get in the way. I went to college to do art and I feel it was definitely a better choice than other fields. I am happy with that choice.

Always consider whether you’re going down the right path. I can think of times in my life when I considered whether I was making the best choices. Think about whether you’re happy or not. Whenever I do it, even if I realize I made a mistake, I felt better after, knowing that I had a higher level of understanding and could learn from the mistakes of the past.

Hurray for the entrepreneurial spirit!
A thank you to Derek Anderson, my 12th grade Advanced Acting teacher who persuaded me to not take theatre in college. Looking back, that would not have brought me happiness.

On to this website: I am currently working on publicity of this website. And of course, I’m always working on creating new artworks.

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