Watermelon is my favorite gum flavor. My circumstances make me feel empowered. PATUXENTWHATDON'T STOPGETITGETIT I like Swiss tournaments better than Swiss cheese. I think stuffing suitcases is a beautiful art form. I am not ridin' dirty. I think Jonathon Coulton is a sophisticated mans Tenacious D. Orange Islands was a filler arc. Soccer balls are better than frisbees. Exo Squad was a great cartoon. My sister is a great conversationalist. I scream like a girl if you pull my leg hairs.

Looking for Work

What is this website all about? I’m a computer artist from Southern Maryland. I am looking for work. It helps to have online examples of my work I can point to. Who am I? Below is a bio from a previous version of my website:

“My interest in computer art was activated in 1996, when I saw a program on my computer that came with Windows 98, known as Microsoft Paint. In my ignorance, I thought it was a game, as it resembled a video game I played as a child, Mario Paint. Only a few years later, I discovered its practical uses. I remember using it for practical jokes; I tricked my 9th grade Spanish teacher into believing that I once traveled to Panama.

In high school, I stepped into the realm of non-recreational use of computer art (I also evolved past using Microsoft Paint). I was able to make graphics to help me in many assignments. I could reach levels of efficiency I had never experienced without computers.

After high school, I acquired 59 credits at the College of Southern Maryland. I was accepted to St. Mary’s College of Maryland in 2006, and have been allowed to seek a student-designed major in Computer Art.”

Anyway, I’m looking for work. You can see examples of my art on the portfolio page. You can take a look at my résumé too. I’m always interested in finding new things to do. If you are interested in hiring me, my email address is nicholaskirkpatrick@hotmail.com

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