Pokebit Operations Suspended

I’ve been happy to talk about Pokebit, my not-for-profit enterprise that offered the lowest prices on all Pokémon Trading Card Game and Magic the Gathering products and only accepted Bitcoin as payment.
I suspended operations this month.

There were some things on my to-do list, including getting a better CMS (I was using WooCommerce, with some custom plugins that did not receive updates to keep pace with WooCommerce), changing the presentation of the website to make it more educational (my mission is to teach people about alternative currencies), and, to allow users to pay with one of multiple cryptocurrencies. Perhaps I will address those things in a future effort.

I was very pleased by the people, Pokémon fans, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and others, who took interest in the website. I was also pleased to know I was funding Sean’s Outpost.

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