Pokémon Card Auctions

Anybody who knows anything about Pokémon Trading Cards, knows that ebay is full of Pokémon auctions. I’ve got tons of unused Pokémon cards. After a painful struggle reading through ebay’s sale policies, and interpreting them, I am ready to throw my hat in the ring.
I have started out selling just a few, but eventually this online store will get bigger. I’ve got hundreds of cards to sell cards for a long time (and that’s only the rare cards!). Eventually, I intend to use this store to sell unique prints of my artworks.

I have been collecting/playing Pokémon since 1999. I am running out of room to store my cards. Wanna help me get these off my hands?
Great Encounters Hypno
Crystal Guardians Loudred
Legend Maker Absol
Diamond & Pearl Weavile

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