Pokémon Fakes Archive: Ivysaur EX

Ivysaur EX
90 HP
Stage 1
Weakness none
Resistance none
Retreat cost (C)(C)(C)

Poke-Body – Climb Down
At the beginning of your opponent’s next turn, show him/her energy cards from your hand. During that turn, this Pokemon has -30 resistance to the type of energy you showed your opponent.

(G)(G)(C) – Finisher
Take a Pokemon with Venusaur in its name from your hand and put it on this Pokemon. This counts as evolving.

(G)(G)(G) – Aspire – 260
Take one card from your hand and place it in your prizes face-down. This attack does 30 damage to all of your opponent’s benched Pokemon. Then, this Pokemon does 80 damage to itself.

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