Print Ads Coming Soon!

A few months back, I came across this link to a page explaining the Three Basic Steps to Get Your Desire with The Least Effort. I advise all people to read it, no matter what they do. The three steps are this:

1. Know exactly what you want
2. Always follow a straight line
3. Sharpen your saw

I’ve been working on sharpening my saw in the past 4 years in college, doing things outside of school to improve myself. I have number one down, but I decided to step up with number two recently. I’ve been trying to get in on some free resources to advertise, to spread the word about my website, online, but I realized I need to travel in a straight line. I was tired of waiting- I decided to get print ads in the local newspaper. Time to get stuff done and move forward. So, if you live in SoMD, you can expect to see this in your newspaper soon (yes, it’s in greyscale, color ads are really expensive):

Someone asked me Wednesday what I would do with one billion dollars. That gave me a lot to think about, but I realized that there were some things on my to-do list I need to put on there. I would like to be able to finish watching all the TV shows I started watching. I, unfortunately gave up on watching television a few months ago. I decided it was a sacrifice I needed to make to make more time for my work. Yes, watching the news on TV is nice, but I can get all my news on the internet (a great bonus is that internet-published news is not censored/filtered like other more expensive media may be). When I get my life together, maybe I can start watching some TV.

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