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Pro-BTC or Anti-BTC?

So, some dialogue has been going on in certain circles whether people are “pro-Bitcoin” or “anti-Bitcoin”.

Given that I’ve got this live Bitcoin exchange rate graph on my site, and I am something of an enthusiast, I’ll weigh in.

Do factions exist in BTC

Bitcoin is just a new technology. It’s just a tool. The first time someone decided to do a trade with a medium of exchange like gold, (rather than barter for gold because gold is specifically what he wanted) he was an innovator. He introduced something to make the world a better place. He was not necessarily “pro-gold” or “anti-gold”; He simply figured out a new way of doing things, as a means to an end.

Similarly, I am not pro-Bitcoin or anti-Bitcoin. Am I excited about its potential? Sure. However, this is not about fighting or creating artificial groups like “pro” or “anti” camps. Vehicles make our lives better. Microwave ovens make our lives better. Air conditioning makes our lives better. “Pro” or “anti” has nothing to do with it. I advocate Bitcoin adoption by individuals and businesses because of what it can do. It is a tool; it is a means to an end, just like advocating the use of cars, because it improves our lives.

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