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School Shooting Media FAIL

I have seen news coverage from 3 TV networks yesterday and I am disappointed.
It is kind of upsetting that the news organizations engage in this behavior, of trying to get ANY semblance of any fact about the story out there. With being fast as the first goal and giving the audience the correct information a secondary goal. Here are some of the errors I caught yesterday:

  • They go from saying that there are two shooters, one of which was neutralized- to saying that there’s one.
  • They went from saying the shooter’s primary target was at the school- to saying that she was home when she was killed.
  • They got the name of the shooter wrong.

The behavior they are engaged in is the equivalent of someone with nothing better to do on the internet posting, “FIRST!” in the comments section, only we are talking about professionals here- people who get paid to deliver news. I expect better from people who are supposedly professionals.

Glad we have comedy in situations like these:

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