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Semi-Positive Customer Experience With Bitcoin Retailer

I made a purchase from major online retailer that recently started accepting Bitcoin, TigerDirect, just to show them my support, to speed up Bitcoin adoption.

I bought a couple of items from them on January 24th. I paid with Bitcoin. I then received an email confirming that the order was complete and that the items were shipped.

On January 30th, I received a document in the mail, asking that I pay TigerDirect with dollars. They already have my Bitcoin. I paid them already.

Make me pay twice, no don't think so!

I sent them an email yesterday:

Hi just want you to know that some people might be getting invoices for payments that were already made.
I bought items ***, ***, and *** and I paid with Bitcoin. The order number is ***.
Yesterday, I received an invoice in the mail in DOLLARS for products that I already purchased with BITCOIN.

Congrats on joining the Bitcoin economy. I look forward to seeing people getting all the kinks worked out.

Just today, they sent me an email:

Dear Valued Customer:
Thank you for your order.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

We understand your concern that you got the payment invoice for Bitcoin. Please disregard the notice you received because this information has been forwarded already to our management. If you have paid twice or charged double, please contact Bitcoin for refund at 855-424-8729 for your convenience.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your business. If you have further inquiries and reply to this email, please make sure to include your entire message, so we can address it appropriately. Please feel free to contact me at the phone number below should you require any further assistance.

TigerDirect.com Customer Advocate

Now, I gotta say, the phrase “please contact Bitcoin” makes no sense at all, but hey, whatever, I’m not paying TigerDirect twice and they acknowledge this, so I’m good!

Keep businesses in line. Some are good at responding to customer requests, concerns, and complaints. Some are not. Bitcoin-accepting businesses being honest and efficient is good for Bitcoin’s image. Thanks for staying honest, TigerDirect!

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