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SoMD GiveCamp Day One

There was a tent, but the weather outside was so good that people hung out outside without any tents.

We had the opening ceremony. The nonprofit groups presented. They told us about their organization while we waited for dinner. Thankfully they (most of them) had a grasp on the concept of presenting their info in timely manner. They are giving us free food the whole time. Tonight it was Long John Silvers and I tried their chicken (regret it). Developers were assigned to specific projects, while DBAs and Designers were told that they would be “pooled”; the nonprofits would share them.

I found one group whose website was in need of a color shift. It’s a relatively complex site published on WordPress. http://www.paxriverkeeper.org. They are doing different things with their site, like an e-commerce app. We are seeing what we can do to make the stie run more efficiently.

Not much was done today (almost nothing other than talking to customers). Unfortunately, the wireless internet access there was providing a slow connection. Really slow. I’ll cross my fingers for the internet access to work better tomorrow, so we can get some stuff done.

Other than that, I had nothing to do, so I walked around looking for work. I found something. I also will be helping out to enhance the GUI for two learning disability websites.

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