Supporting Businesses That Promote Peace

I know it is impossible to always live a 100% principled life all the time. That being said, people should put their money where their mouth is. Donate to NGOs/charities/nonprofits that you think are making the world a better place. And do business with organizations and individuals the best reflect, practice, or promote the means by which you think the world can be a better place.

I purchased some items from These products are made by an individual whose desire to see a more moral, compassionate, sustainable world, through the promotion of non-aggression is similar to mine. On his website, he is promoting other similar businesses. Those who oppose violence, should have each other’s backs. ūüôā

Black and Gold handshake.
This heart with a black and gold handshake is about mutual cooperation; getting things done without explicit or implicit threats of violence.
I really just like this one because I like the image. It's 'Bitcoins, Not Bombs'. It is *Bitcoins* that can change the world for the better, not killing machines.
This is just an affirmation of one's commitment to the promotion of new and alternative currencies.
Represents people engaging in countereconomics- economic activity outside of the economy endorsed by the ruling class. This is part of establishing a more ethical world. One should not condone the initiation of violence, even implicit threats of violence carried out by people called 'the state'.