Bitcoin Is Good Enough

Bitcoin fulfills the desire for people to have a currency that:
1. Does not rely on the already-established, state-approved financial apparatus.
2. Does not have costs associated with storing physical material.
3. Allows transactions to occur in seconds and to confirm in minutes, rather than days.
4. Is potentially anonymous.
5. Is decentralized.
6. Allows for the creation of applications that interface with an open, accessible data source (like the blockchain) that allow for the automation of otherwise costly services such as: fundraising, contract enforcement, transfer of assets after one’s death, establishing public records of owership, and stock brokerage.

People have demonstrated that they want these things.
So, if Bitcoin is going to lose popularity soon, as many people allege, what’s going to “fill in the gap”? I ask because like to hearing well-though-out alternative points-of-view and it is always preferable to hear concrete suggestions and solutions than complaining… Anyone up for answering this question?

Hampton Roads Business Journal Bitcoin Article

I was quoted in a news article a few weeks ago.
Getting Bitcoin some attention in the local newspaper.

A Virginia Beach Bitcoin firm is venturing into the Wild West of money

Bitcoin Article

I’m a little put-off by the fact that some people seem ONLY to be interested in talking about Bitcoin as an investment opportunity.

I think that:

  • Folks in draconian countries that must spend money anonymously to receive services their country intends to track or block (like
  • A poor immigrant who is sending remittance payment to his family in Kenya, where paypal transactions are blocked and Western Union wants to charge obscenely high fees to send money
  • People in the third world with entrepreneurial spirit that want startup investments or IPO to fund their new business from multiple sources, and don’t have the resources to comply with the old way of setting up investments

Will appreciate Bitcoin- just as much as a bunch of rich white guys in the 1st world bragging about their yearly investments going up 10 percent instead of 9 percent.

Bitcoin Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

As a person commenting on this while assisting with this effort said, “This story is what Bitcoin is about. Anywhere in the world, we can send money instantly!

Participating in charity is going to be a big public relations strategy for Bitcoin enthusiasts; I say this not only because charity is a commonly used PR tactic, but because Bitcoin is a funding mechanism. We get to rub it in everyone’s face! What are we rubbing in their face? We need to ability to show them a hungry child, a stray dog, a homeless shelter, etc. and and tell them, “Charity is done with Bitcoin. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down this child’s dinner tonight. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down the home this stray dog was going to receive instead of euthanasia. If you shut down Bitcoin, you shut down funding for this homeless shelter.”

Found A Lower Price; Beat It

Got a sale going on at Pokebit.

One of the items on sale is a Suicune Entei Legend full set from Unleashed. I claim the lowest prices on the internet.
Pokebit, the first Pokemon merchandise store that sells for Bitcoin
Well guess what! I found a lower price today. What do you think I did? I BEAT IT! This item is currently selling for 9.19 dollars worth of Bitcoin, the lowest price available.

Pokebit Success

As a result of my creating Pokebit, I have gotten people to research alternative currency. Which means I have already achieved success.
But, there is more to do, so I am only getting started.

Time to get into more advertising!

Change At Pokebit

We made a little change at Pokebit a few days ago.

We only accept Bitcoin for payment. However, all prices are now listed in terms of US dollars, for you to use as a reference. At Pokebit, we claim the lowest prices of all cards available on the internet, and challenge YOU to verify; If you find a lower price, we’ll beat it! And we’ll sell it for Bitcoin.

New Pokémon Card Store Launched


A Hampton Roads-based Pokémon enthusiast has announced the creation of a service that allows the multitude of Pokémon Trading Game fans throughout the World to purchase specific products with Bitcoin. Pokebit is a website in which Pokémon cards are sold and its creator boasts some of the lowest prices on Pokémon single cards; But the catch is, Pokebit only accepts Bitcoin.

Nick Kirkpatrick, the creator of Pokebit, claims this as part of a plan to bring selling and purchasing power directly into the hands of the individual, by promoting the prevalence of Bitcoin, a new currency that his been in place for a little over 4 years. “Bitcoin users”, Kirkpatrick asserts, “Are not subject to a supreme entity, no bank, no state, no ‘mega-corporation’. Bitcoin can be sent to virtually anyone, anywhere, with little to no transaction fees, and no one can freeze your account- the individual is in control”.

Pokebit can be found at

Pro-BTC or Anti-BTC?

So, some dialogue has been going on in certain circles whether people are “pro-Bitcoin” or “anti-Bitcoin”.

Given that I’ve got this live Bitcoin exchange rate graph on my site, and I am something of an enthusiast, I’ll weigh in.

Do factions exist in BTC

Bitcoin is just a new technology. It’s just a tool. The first time someone decided to do a trade with a medium of exchange like gold, (rather than barter for gold because gold is specifically what he wanted) he was an innovator. He introduced something to make the world a better place. He was not necessarily “pro-gold” or “anti-gold”; He simply figured out a new way of doing things, as a means to an end.

Similarly, I am not pro-Bitcoin or anti-Bitcoin. Am I excited about its potential? Sure. However, this is not about fighting or creating artificial groups like “pro” or “anti” camps. Vehicles make our lives better. Microwave ovens make our lives better. Air conditioning makes our lives better. “Pro” or “anti” has nothing to do with it. I advocate Bitcoin adoption by individuals and businesses because of what it can do. It is a tool; it is a means to an end, just like advocating the use of cars, because it improves our lives.

Bitcoin Pushes Forward a Phenomena That Will Change the World

Not a recently-published article, but I just came across it and it was the most fun article on Bitcoin I’ve ever read.
Why I’m Putting All My Savings Into Bitcoin
I do not put all *my* eggs in a basket, so on that point I disagree with the author. The primary point of this article, IMO is, when he talks about a transaction in which he says:

  • Nobody logged on to a bank of any kind.
  • No bank page for complicated foreign transactions was loaded into any browser.
  • No expensive foreign transfer fees were applied. In fact, no transfer fees were applied at all.
  • No banks were holding on to the money for a couple of days. My friend had the money instantly.
  • No bank holidays were relevant. I did this on a Sunday.
  • No governmental economic blacklist was consulted. He could be a criminal under New Zealand law for all I care, but what matters to me is that he is my friend.
  • Nobody got the chance to seize the money before my friend in New Zealand got it. Or afterwards.
  • An alternative to a bank transfer would have been to use Visa or MasterCard. They did not get a cut, either.
  • No tax authority saw the transaction or the money.

A wave of agorism is coming to the world. Bitcoin will be one of the vehicles pushing it forward.