Live Under a Rock Much?

I currently have a customer who wants help with a blog. A little graphic design and coding here and there.
I was talking to my mother about this yesterday. My mother asked me what the blog was for. It belongs to an individual. It doesn’t appear to be advertising any specific cause, good, or service. It’s purely recreation.
“Well that’s pretty egocentric!” my mother said. Not expecting her to say something like this, I did what I could to justify the idea. “Well, people have stories and they would like to share them. Interesting stories. Funny stories. Inspiring stories. Things that people often do want to hear. There are many blogs out there in the blog world, that are owned by individuals that have purpose but recreation.”
“Why would someone want to have a website about themself?”
“Some bloggers have fans. On some blogs, there are places for readers to post comments and many blogs, if the user posts regularly and puts effort into it, do have fans and lots of replies to their posts.
The internet is a great place to preserve one’s anonymity. Many blogs are anonymous. People will visit a blog, read the content, and have fun doing it, reading someone else’s interesting stories.”

She still didn’t get it. Ever had any experiences with someone who’s been “living under a rock” who hears about a new concept/technology and can’t make heads or tails of it or just thinks it’s stupid?

The fact of the matter is, that blogs have been a way for people to anonymously post things about their lives. People had diaries that they had locked up in their rooms, but now thanks to technology, they can share details about their personal lives without anybody knowing about it. Very conservative people or otherwise people who wouldn’t write diaries are doing it now and other people are entertained by the posts of bloggers. If I recall correctly, there was a well-known movie about one or two years ago that was based on the blog posts of a young man from Tokyo. People are making movies based on blogs. The fad is catching on; They won’t be goin’ away for a while.