I ♥ Wikipedia

What might your reasons be for donating to the world’s largest open compendium of knowledge? I saw the banner at the top of wikipedia.org today, donated and provided three:

  1. Though many college instructors do not recognize it as a valid source for papers, information from Wikipedia can be a good starting point for what kind of information to think about or look for. Wikipedia has made my college experience much more pleasant by helping me with my papers.
  2. Wikipedia has helped me improve my happiness and overall quality of life simply by informing me of things I didn’t even know exist.
  3. Wikipedia has been key in proving to the world: crowdsourcing/collaborative media works!

I do not want to see wikipedia become subject to the will of a small handful of donors or even have to become ad-supported.
Support Wikipedia

Check out the letter from the programmer, which they were using to raise funds. I find this very important, so I will quote it here:

When we have access to free knowledge, we are better people. We understand the world is bigger than us, and we become infected with tolerance and understanding.