Pokémon Fakes Archive: Ivysaur EX

Ivysaur EX
90 HP
Stage 1
Weakness none
Resistance none
Retreat cost (C)(C)(C)

Poke-Body – Climb Down
At the beginning of your opponent’s next turn, show him/her energy cards from your hand. During that turn, this Pokemon has -30 resistance to the type of energy you showed your opponent.

(G)(G)(C) – Finisher
Take a Pokemon with Venusaur in its name from your hand and put it on this Pokemon. This counts as evolving.

(G)(G)(G) – Aspire – 260
Take one card from your hand and place it in your prizes face-down. This attack does 30 damage to all of your opponent’s benched Pokemon. Then, this Pokemon does 80 damage to itself.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: Totodile

HP 60
Weakness none
Resistance none
Retreat cost (C)(C)

Poke-Power – Happening
Once during your turn you may search your deck for a card that evolves from a Pokemon with “Totodile” in its name, and put it in your hand.

(C) – 10 – Hot Water
The next time you draw a card (just 1), immediately switch it with one of your prizes.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: Magneton

100 HP
Stage 1
Weakness (F)
Resistance none
Retreat cost (C)(C)

Poké-Body – Detonate
You can’t put this Pokémon into play by evolving a Magnemite.

(L)(L)(C) – Scrapper – 60
Count the cards in your deck. If you have more cards in your deck than your opponent, this attack does 100 damage.

(L)(L)(L) – Super Scrapper
Count the cards in both player’s decks. This attack does 5 damage times the difference (rounded up to the nearest 10).

Pokémon Fakes Archive: Pidgey

60 HP
Weakness (L)
Resistance (F)
Retreat cost (C)

(C) – Space Flyer – 10

(C)(C) – Gamble Rumble – 30
If the defending Pokémon has no damage counters on it, this attack does no damage. Either way, flip a coin. If heads, discard the top card of both players’ decks.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: Pidgeotto EX

Pidgeotto EX
70 HP
Stage 2
Weakness none
Resistance (R)
Retreat cost none

Pokémon Power – The Raising Fighting Spirit
Once during your turn, (before your attack) if this Pokémon is on your bench, you may use this power. Flip a coin. If heads, put 3 damage counters on both active Pokémon. Switch your active Pokémon with this Pokémon. You can’t attack this turn.

(C)(C) – Erratic Technique – 20
Search your deck for a Pokémon with Pidgeot in its name and place it on this card. This counts as evolving.

(C)(C)(C) – Pass the Avenue
Your opponent takes one card from the top of his/her deck and puts it in his/her prizes. You draw a prize. Then, this Pokémon is knocked out.