Pokémon Fakes Archive: Shiftry

110 HP
Stage 2
Weakness (F)
Resistance (W)
Retreat cost (C)

Poke-Power – Business
Once during your turn, (before your attack) if your opponent has more Pokemon ex in play than you, you may remove one damage counter from each Pokemon in play. Otherwise, you may put one card from your hand into your prizes and then draw a prize (you can’t do this if your hand is 0).

(C)(C)(C) – Cross-Cut – 50
If the defending Pokemon is an evolved Pokemon, this attack does 50 damage plus 30 more damage.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: Nuzleaf

70 HP
Stage 1
Weakness (R)
Resistance none
Retreat cost (C)

(C) – Conversion
If defending Pokemon has a Weakness, you may change it to a type of your choice other than (C).

(D)(C) – Rolling Branch
Does 20 damage plus 20 more damage for every energy attached to Nuzleaf but not used to play for this attack’s energy cost. You can’t add more than 40 damage this way.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: Swoobat

80 HP
Stage 1
Weakness (P)
Resistance (F)
Retreat cost (C)

(C)(C) – Cylinder – 80
Flip a coin. If heads, this Pokemon does 20 damage to itself. If tails, put damage counters on Flygon until it has 10 HP.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: Flygon

80 HP
Stage 1
Weakness (C)
Resistance (L)
Retreat cost (C)(C)

Poke-Body – Dragon Step
As long as this Pokemon is in play, all Pokemon are considered Pokemon ex. Ignore all Pokemon Powers that prevent effects of attacks done by Pokemon ex. No one may take two prizes for knocking out a Pokemon unless it has ex in its name.

(C)(C) – Eye Roll – 40

(C)(C) – White – 100
None of your Pokemon named Flygon may not attack for the remainder of the game.