Email from 1and1 Regarding SOPA

Got an email from 1and1, which I use as the hosting service for this website. So, apparently they “got the memo” that SOPA is bad.

Content here: 1and1’s Stance on SOPA

Props to them for standing against it. Despite being one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, they did not take the same protectionist stance that GoDaddy did!

*disclaimer: I do not currently receive any money from 1and1. I just think it’s a good service.

Protectionist GoDaddy

One more reason not to give any money to GoDaddy.

SOPA Bill 2012: GoDaddy Reveals Support

  • If you host a website on GoDaddy, you know the interface is full of ads. ANYTIME you try to do anything on the GoDaddy website, it is full of ads. There are so many, it is actually quite difficult to find things and really do anything with one’s GoDaddy account.
  • GoDaddy is costly. The cost of basic service is 80% or more of comparable service from other websites. If you want cheap, reliable web hosting, with no extra frills or ads on the interface to ruin your experience or slow you down, there are plenty of choices. I chose 1and1, and am very happy.
  • GoDaddy’s hosting services come with SQL databases which can take up to 45 minutes to create.
  • GoDaddy’s servers are not automatically enabled to run PHP application.

Anyway, don’t support GoDaddy. Don’t give ’em your money.