Watermelon is my favorite gum flavor. My circumstances make me feel empowered. PATUXENTWHATDON'T STOPGETITGETIT I like Swiss tournaments better than Swiss cheese. I think stuffing suitcases is a beautiful art form. I am not ridin' dirty. I think Jonathon Coulton is a sophisticated mans Tenacious D. Orange Islands was a filler arc. Soccer balls are better than frisbees. Exo Squad was a great cartoon. My sister is a great conversationalist. I scream like a girl if you pull my leg hairs.

What? 33 Percent?

I was watching CNN on a fancy big screen TV, while having my car maintenanced today. They did a quick segment on a new medical study. The study said that by 2050, 1 out of 3 adults in the US will have diabetes. Shocking!

Watch your weight; I know I’ll be watching mine.

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