Pokémon Card Auctions

Anybody who knows anything about Pokémon Trading Cards, knows that ebay is full of Pokémon auctions. I’ve got tons of unused Pokémon cards. After a painful struggle reading through ebay’s sale policies, and interpreting them, I am ready to throw my hat in the ring.
I have started out selling just a few, but eventually this online store will get bigger. I’ve got hundreds of cards to sell cards for a long time (and that’s only the rare cards!). Eventually, I intend to use this store to sell unique prints of my artworks.

I have been collecting/playing Pokémon since 1999. I am running out of room to store my cards. Wanna help me get these off my hands?
Great Encounters Hypno
Crystal Guardians Loudred
Legend Maker Absol
Diamond & Pearl Weavile

Kabalevsky Piano Sonatina No. 1 in C Major

Just to give you a taste of some of the arraging/composing work I’ve done, here’s a little something I did a while back.

It’s part of Dmitri Kabalevsky’s Op. 13, Piano Sonatina No. 1 in C Major. Arranged for Flute, Bassoon, Horn in F, and Trumpet in C. This piece has been transposed down a perfect fifth, to accomodate the ranges of the instruments. In school, they taught me that I should avoid giving the flute notes below C5. Well, screw that. I think the flute sounds great between C4 and C5. In fact, it sounds better than when it’s playing above C5.
The score is here.
A recording is here. The work of some highly talented performers from St. Mary’s College.

If you’re interested in hearing the original, I was able to find a decent recording on youtube (the part starts at about 3:40 and lasts a minute).

I’ll put this work, and some other works of mine up on the site, once I have my arranging/composition portfolio up on this site.

Obama and IP

Stolen from Digg: Obama’s Gift to British PM Ruined by DVD Zone Restrictions

It sure is something, when the most powerful person in the world gets screwed over by the outdated concept of intellectual property. Regional protection doesn’t protect anyone. It’s just a really good way to make your customers angry and an impediment to the free flow of information (the free flow of information is a cause that is very important to me).

I once tried to play a video game from Japan on my Gamecube console. Of course, it had regional protection, so my north american console wouldn’t read it. So, I inserted a disc in the console that tricks the Gamecube into shutting off its regional protection (or something like that), thus allowing me to play the video game. This just goes to show that if the media producers continue to stave off “piracy” like this, their customers will just innovate, they’ll just make the regional protection useless by getting around it. This anti-piracy measure is kind of like laws that restrict gun ownership: they only affect those who are willing to conform to the system.

I think folks in India could greatly benefit from being able to expose themselves to media from America. Perhaps people in South Africa could benefit from watching content from Colombia, or Maybe Iranians could benefit from exposure to Canadian media. Bring on the international exchange of information! Bring on media without borders!

Superimposed Photographs

I added some artworks to my portfolio, including a composite of photographs of a ball rolling downhill, a tire suspended by a tree, and an amalgamation of different components of photographs of spinning Matryoshka dolls. They’re in the “Photograph” section. Check it out!

The Past 2 Months

What have I been doing in the past 2 months?
-New artworks. Coming soon
-Setting up my ebay store. Ebay is complicated. Getting through all the rules is no fun.
-Backing up some old paper documents in digital format. Some of them dating back to 2002. Many of these documents were of great personal value, and I have been converting them to digital format. Some of this stuff (in fact, almost all of it) will one day be ready for public consumption. I sure am glad I have a website. Some of this stuff may not necessarily be useful, but one thing’s for sure: this stuff has been sitting on paper doing nothing for over five years and nothing will become of it if it remains on paper.
-Arranging. I am primarily a visual artist, but I enjoy arranging and composing music. A piece I’m working on is R*O*C*K*S from a 1986 album “Love” by Hound Dog (yes, I couldn’t find any English pages for song samples from the album). I hope to publish it along with some other remixes/original compositions of mine. I may have to expand my portfolio page to make an entirely new section for music.
-Obviously I have alot of content that has yet to published. The trick is getting it ready and in a format for public consumption.