What’s Up With Firefox?

Having recently been in a situation where I was forced to use Internet Explorer 6, a browser which was released over 10 years ago, and is now in version 9, I couldn’t help but think: What is up with Firefox? They just released version 4 this year, and now they’re at version 7. How do you release 4 versions of a browser in less than 10 months?*

Mozilla abandons Firefox 3.6 upgrade…

*yes, I know there’s a logical explanation that has something to with how their update system works. But regardless: I just thought they were gonna blow my mind with some amazing feature I couldn’t even imagine, when they pushed v7 on me in a hurry! I don’t even remember when they auto-updated me to v6!

Silly District

Thank goodness there are still some news media reporting this. If not for them, I would not have known about this. One of the plans for a Congressional District in MD. What the heck is this a picture of? If I tilt my head a little and squint, I can see what looks like Vladimir Lenin with his hand on his mouth.

This is what 'your' government is doing. Are you aware?

Though elections may not determine much, though they may be a waste of time, you’ve got to admit- this shape is absurd!

Old Logo Brochure

Ever have the pleasure of digging up something really old and then noting how relevant it is today? Slightly jumping off something I said in my previous post, the world is full of graphic designers who think that because a thing can be done, it should be done. It is unfortunately true today, and was unfortunately true a long time ago.

A long time ago, a company named Herring Design Quarterlies decided to educate the world by publishing a brochure called “stock trademarks”. This is truly enlightening material.

There you go. I hope your mind has been blown. Graphic design education: complete.

Mad PowerPoint Skills

So, whenever I am approached about any of the “big ideas” or long-standing issues involving the field of graphic design, my best answer is that the biggest problem with graphic design is: the field is full of people who believe that simply because you can do something, you should do it.

I came across a PowerPoint presentation that really drives this idea home. Do you know someone who makes presentations like this?

Being able to do something is not a valid reason for doing it!