Nick’s Low-Carb Adventure Part II

Beef, broccoli, artichoke, white onion, tomato, brussels sprouts, sea salt, curry powder
A few months back I embarked on a quest for finding unfamiliar foods for the purpose of reducing carbohydrate intake. The mission was aborted when I decreased my body mass index from 28.7 to 25.7. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t pursue more low-carbohydrate foods.

How Do I World Wide Web?

Do you wish to remember the old days of the World Wide Web?

Before background images could take up your whole monitor? Before images in a page could have alpha transparency? When Javascript was a selling point for a new browser? Some people do.

Websites had to start somewhere, even big names like Amazon, Google, and MySpace. Ah, should we embrace the rich history or sweep it under the rug? A timeless question.

Obligatory WordPress SOPA/PIPA Re-post

Okay, I know I’m the 408,283rd person to post this, but… They have a nice video to break it down.

It’s time to take away the state’s power to give orders to the internet service providers. No business should have to be an unpaid law enforcement agency. I know internet service providers get in bed with the state, and shame on them for not speaking up against those thugs.

Do you really want to see the government have even more of a stranglehold on this industry? Do you want an arbitrary group of people calling themselves “the state” to tell you not to do business with certain people (such as advertising with them) and then threaten to throw people in a cage if they don’t go along with it? Remember that all political power comes from the barrel of a gun. All laws are backed up by threats of violence. It may take a while, but they will come after people with guns if those people don’t do what they want them to do.

This just once more shows that the purpose of the state is to create a “protection racket” for big business.