Cvramen’s Guide to CSS, Part 2

So, I’ve told you what CSS isn’t. What is it? What does CSS do?
A CSS file sits on a server just like any other file, just like the HTML file. You have an HTML file that has stuff in it, and then a CSS file that references the stuff in the HTML file and tells it what to do. You could also reference multiple things in multiple HTML files, as long as the things have the same name.

I wrote 'menutext' and then told the table what to do. I wanted the words on the menu to be 10pt large, uppercase, bold, white, and have the font face 'Trebuchet MS'. I wrote all of this in the CSS file.
So, here we have a table with 8 different blocks of text on it. I named the table 'menutext'. Click on the image for full view.

I didn’t make anything in the CSS file, as you can see, the table with the random blocks of latin text was already there. I made the table in the HTML file and modified it in the CSS file.

On the right, what the page would look like without being modified by CSS.

And the font face of text inside tables isn’t the only thing you can alter with CSS. You can alter background color, width, height, transparency, alignment and a variety of other things (there is a specific list of properties that you can change with CSS, not to mention some proprietary ones not part of standard CSS). And you can modify not just text, but, paragraphs, hyperlinks, divs, the entire page’s background, so many things. However, this is where I start stepping on the territory of other CSS tutorials, so I will just leave you with that.

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