GiveCamp Day Three

By Sunday morning, the slow connection speeds had increased significantly. I came to the folks working on the Discover U Children’s Museum and we got ready on finalizing some graphics for their new website. The product is live already here. The site had a DotNetNuke template, so I did not have to do any coding. I just had to manipulate one of their graphics to conform to the layout that had already been established.

I was told (before the event began) that I would probably not have to do any coding (I would just do straight graphic design). This prediction came true. This seemed to be the case for most of the designers. The CMSs used for the projects all had templates available to them, and every project utilized a template.

There was an exception with one website. The developers implemented a prepackaged layout (with some of their own modifications to the colors) on Saturday. The customer showed up on Sunday, and changed their mind about the site and so the developers had to take the top half of the website’s old layout and put it on the bottom half of the new proposed layout.

A nonprofit customer I worked with, asking me for my business card during lunch on Sunday. I ran out of business cards during GiveCamp. Guess I should up my ego and carry much more with me next time!

At 12:00pm, we all had to take our hands off and stop for lunch. At 1:00pm, the volunteers presented their projects.  When I have time (tomorrow unless something comes up), I will post some of the final products. The long and the short of it is, the nonprofits got websites that did what they wanted them to do and looked better than the previous websites (for those that *already* had websites, some of them did not have any to begin with).

I learned about using twitter from the Microsoft Evangelist during his Social Media lecture. I will be getting a twitter account soon. I know quite a bit more about twitter now.

GiveCamp was a pretty cool experience. It was worth it. I had fun listening to developers deal with developer problems. At the end of the event, volunteers were randomly selected for prizes. I received an Ultra Flip Video (records video and audio). During the event, I came across some folks who said they wanted to contact me afterward. Great Success!

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