Kabalevsky Piano Sonatina No. 1 in C Major

Just to give you a taste of some of the arraging/composing work I’ve done, here’s a little something I did a while back.

It’s part of Dmitri Kabalevsky’s Op. 13, Piano Sonatina No. 1 in C Major. Arranged for Flute, Bassoon, Horn in F, and Trumpet in C. This piece has been transposed down a perfect fifth, to accomodate the ranges of the instruments. In school, they taught me that I should avoid giving the flute notes below C5. Well, screw that. I think the flute sounds great between C4 and C5. In fact, it sounds better than when it’s playing above C5.
The score is here.
A recording is here. The work of some highly talented performers from St. Mary’s College.

If you’re interested in hearing the original, I was able to find a decent recording on youtube (the part starts at about 3:40 and lasts a minute).

I’ll put this work, and some other works of mine up on the site, once I have my arranging/composition portfolio up on this site.

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