Pokémon Fakes Archive: Bill’s Electabuzz

Bill’s Electabuzz
100 HP
Weakness (F)
Resistance none
Retreat cost (C)

Pokémon Power – Subservience
This power works only if you have more prizes than your opponent.
Whenever your opponent draws a prize, you may flip a coin. If heads, you may draw the same number of prizes, then discard this Pokémon.

(L)(L) – Power Play – 40
If the defending Pokémon is (C), this attack does 20 damage instead.

(L)(C)(C) – Bake – 60
Discard a basic energy card from one of your Pokémon. Take two basic energy cards of a different type (from what you discarded) from your discard pile and attach them to any of your Pokémon in any way you like.

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