Pokémon Fakes Archive: Charizard

110 HP
Stage 2
Weakness (W)(L)
Resistance (F)
Retreat cost none

Poké-Body – Firedestiny
Any time any of your (R) Pokémon are knocked out, this Pokémon and all card attached to it are discarded.

(R) – Feed Pressure – 40
Your opponent searches his/her deck for a Trainer card, puts it into his/her hand, and shuffles his/her deck. You search your deck for a Trainer card and use the effect of that card as the effect of this attack. Discard the Trainer card.

(R)(R)(C) – Graves
If your opponent has more cards in his/her discard pile than in his/her deck, this attack deos 50 damage. If not this atack does 10 damage times the number of cards in your opponent’s discard pile.

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