Pokémon Fakes Archive: Swellow

60 HP
Weakness (L)
Resistance (F)
Retreat cost none

Poke-Body – Cushion of Air
Prevent all damage from attacks done to this Pokemon when it is on your bench.

(C)(C) – Stream
You and your opponent search your decks for a Pokemon and place it in your discard piles face-down. Then reveal the cards you just discard. If they are:
~(L) and/or (W): All players may take up to 3 cards from their respective discard piles and shuffle them into their deck.
~(F) and/or (D) and/or (P): You may remove up to 3 damage counters from any of your Pokemon.
~(M) and/or (R) and/or (W): Use the effect of any supporter card in your discard pile.
~(P) and/or (G) and/or (C): Put 4 damage counters on any Pokemon.
~Any other combination of Pokemon: The defending Pokemon is now asleep. This attack does 20 damge.

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