, Now More Robot-Free!

A few weeks back, I mentioned implementing a method for protecting this website’s comment system from spam-bots using a text-based CAPTCHA which I was going to write in PHP. Well, in turns out that I did not have to write it because someone has already made it! It is a WordPress plugin that, instead of making users look at a hideously distorted line of text to prove they are human, it asks them a question.

After downloading and implementing it, I went back to the page to see if the creator had a tipjar or something like that (because his PHP application has made managing my website much easier!) but I did not find any.

Improved Commenting System

Having recently written a Cold Fusion Markup Language version of a text captcha (a Section 508 compliant CAPTCHA, that is usable to individuals who are blind or deaf), it occurred to me that I could kill two birds and go ahead and write a PHP version too. My website’s commenting system has let a few spambots get through, so, expect an improved system for readers to post comments in the near future. This website runs on mostly on PHP software, so I would want to have a PHP version to use on this website.

Turing Test.
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