John Stossel Does a Barrel Roll

A friend of mine went to a speech by John Stossel held recently at Drexel University.

Those of you who know me, know that I am amused by internet fads, my favorite being “It’s Over NINE THOUSAAAAAAND!”, but only second to that is “Do a barrel roll!”

Well, this guy sat in the front row to hear the speech, and as soon as Stossel was over, he approached him with the nearest sheet of paper he could find and asked for his signature.

The ink was a little bit light, but as you can see, it says “Nicholas, do a barrel roll, John Stossel”.

When he gave this to me and told me about this, I was laughing my head off. I am very amused. It would seem that the nearest piece of paper was a flyer advertising “End the Fed”. I can’t say I know anything about this organization, so you can just ignore that. Hats off to John Stossel for having a sense of humor.

Thanks Billy!
Thanks John!