HTML: Good Times Await Us (Maybe)

Looks like an update to HTML will be adopted soon.

Of course, as with any web standard or new internet-related technology, there’s no guarantee that any of this will be implemented. All this stuff is completely voluntary, and no one’s forcing anyone to adopt HTML 5. A group of people simply reccommend that certain things be used by webpage creators (or not used). We’ll have to cross our fingers and hope that the browsers won’t be too slow in implementing this.

It’s weird to think how long ago something as simple as this could have been implemented, but now, in 2009, we’re seeing it. One won’t have to invoke some universal, proprietary platform to view videos embedded in web pages. The era is almost over, in which ninety-something percent of videos play only with the blessing of Adobe. People will be embedding video into a web page without having to use any external systems Embedding video into html just using the html itself. Good stuff.

I’ve always found it contemptible that every time a browser is installed on a new computer, the user has to go to a specific website (Adobe) to download a file in order to have the abiltiy to view video. Video is so common that this should not be necessary. Browsers should just be able to do basic things like open video without any additional work for the user.

Let’s just hope the browsers will adopt the video standard. Looks like the debate about how to do it is still going on. Looks like intellectual property is once again working to screw us, preventing us from getting browsers that play video without plugins. And, big surprise, it’s Apple that’s fighting for the cause of intellectual property and standing in the way of progress.