Found A Lower Price; Beat It

Got a sale going on at Pokebit.

One of the items on sale is a Suicune Entei Legend full set from Unleashed. I claim the lowest prices on the internet.
Pokebit, the first Pokemon merchandise store that sells for Bitcoin
Well guess what! I found a lower price today. What do you think I did? I BEAT IT! This item is currently selling for 9.19 dollars worth of Bitcoin, the lowest price available.

Change At Pokebit

We made a little change at Pokebit a few days ago.

We only accept Bitcoin for payment. However, all prices are now listed in terms of US dollars, for you to use as a reference. At Pokebit, we claim the lowest prices of all cards available on the internet, and challenge YOU to verify; If you find a lower price, we’ll beat it! And we’ll sell it for Bitcoin.

Pokémon Fakes Archive: What This Is All About

This card is- 1. Not as epic as an actual Pokemon. 2. Surprisingly, not a real Pokemon. 3. Not made by me.
You’ve been seeing these daily posts since February that have no context. Nothing but made-up Pokémon cards. I could tell you there is rhyme or reason, but I will not. This is nothing more than an archive of content I originally wrote down on paper, and is being converted to digital format, one-by-one, day-by-day. The ideas for all these fakes just came to me, and there is an almost irresistible desire to write it down. Even when I’m not home and therefore cannot type it into my computer.

Pokémon Fake Cards Starting 2/8

My Newport News Survival Guide Part 2 is coming tomorrow.
Next Friday, I start publishing fake Pokémon cards. I’ve been making Pokémon fakes and decided to use my website as a platform to publish them. I can assure you that this publication is nothing more than releasing the deep-seated thoughts inside me… 😉

Pokémon Card Auctions

Anybody who knows anything about Pokémon Trading Cards, knows that ebay is full of Pokémon auctions. I’ve got tons of unused Pokémon cards. After a painful struggle reading through ebay’s sale policies, and interpreting them, I am ready to throw my hat in the ring.
I have started out selling just a few, but eventually this online store will get bigger. I’ve got hundreds of cards to sell cards for a long time (and that’s only the rare cards!). Eventually, I intend to use this store to sell unique prints of my artworks.

I have been collecting/playing Pokémon since 1999. I am running out of room to store my cards. Wanna help me get these off my hands?
Great Encounters Hypno
Crystal Guardians Loudred
Legend Maker Absol
Diamond & Pearl Weavile