Give Camp and ColdFusion

I’m going to the Southern Maryland GiveCamp tomorrow to contribute my graphic design skills. I’ll be posting from there tomorrow and Saturday and maybe Sunday. This seems to be a much bigger event than originally planned. I was supposed to be the Head Judge for the Pokémon TCG State Championship for Maryland this Saturday, but unfortunately, I registered for GiveCamp long before the info about the State Championships was available. Oh well, I can always judge at States next year, but this is the first GiveCamp ever on the US East Coast!

I am in the middle of learning ColdFusion, which is a programming language commonly used by web developers. While figuring out how it works (ColdFusion makes a lot of sense for folks like me who already know HTML) I have been thinking of various ways to use it now, while still at a beginner level. During the past few days, I’ve made some computer-generated art exclusively with ColdFusion. I was thrilled to see this kind of potential in ColdFusion code. I will be posting the results of my experimenting to my facebook page.