The Past 2 Months

What have I been doing in the past 2 months?
-New artworks. Coming soon
-Setting up my ebay store. Ebay is complicated. Getting through all the rules is no fun.
-Backing up some old paper documents in digital format. Some of them dating back to 2002. Many of these documents were of great personal value, and I have been converting them to digital format. Some of this stuff (in fact, almost all of it) will one day be ready for public consumption. I sure am glad I have a website. Some of this stuff may not necessarily be useful, but one thing’s for sure: this stuff has been sitting on paper doing nothing for over five years and nothing will become of it if it remains on paper.
-Arranging. I am primarily a visual artist, but I enjoy arranging and composing music. A piece I’m working on is R*O*C*K*S from a 1986 album “Love” by Hound Dog (yes, I couldn’t find any English pages for song samples from the album). I hope to publish it along with some other remixes/original compositions of mine. I may have to expand my portfolio page to make an entirely new section for music.
-Obviously I have alot of content that has yet to published. The trick is getting it ready and in a format for public consumption.

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